Joel O’Brien



Joel O’Brien has just successfully completed his 4 year apprenticeship with Oceanside Services in October 2017.JOEL O’BRIEN


Here’s his Q&A:


Question 1: What do you like most about plumbing and the career you have chosen?

Joel: I like working in different types of plumbing jobs as I see it as a challenge. I also like to work in different locations of the Gold Coast.

Question 2: What is your most memorable, funniest or grossest story while working with Oceanside Services?

Joel: One day I reached into a pipe with my gloves that was completely full of sewerage to pull out some tree roots. After I had removed the tree roots I noticed the gloves had torn and were full of sewer waste.

Question 3: Tell us a story where you have gone above and beyond for someone during work.

Joel: I was driving to a job and noticed an elderly lady on the footpath. She was walking her dog which was being attacked by 2 larger stray dogs. Her hand was also bitten. I stopped, bandaged her hand, and took her and her dog home. She was a bit shaken up and I felt sorry for her. I waited until she contacted family who were coming over to be with her.

These are the kinds of legends you get to deal with when you call Oceanside Services for a plumbers assistance.

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